morning star chipotle black bean burger review

This is the best veggie burger that I have ever tried so far.  I’m on a mission to go as meatless as I can so I can lose the weight I gained from a medication I am no longer on.  This doesn’t make me miss meat at all.




Burn Notice: Autism Speaks.

‘Nuff said.

The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo Review c/o @Markiplier

Chose your own adventure video games are some of my favorites! review

The Smart Lad is run by Shawn Michaels, and has great in depth blog posts about various hunting and climbing equipment that you can find online (mostly Amazon) and which brands are the best.

For example: Shawn says that if you’re looking for a good climbing shoe, you have to keep three things in mind: comfort, grip, and durability.

Climbing blog posting is broken down into rock, tree, mountain or ice terrains.

Shawn Michaels is an Amazon associate.


Youtuber of the Week: Naio Nails @naionailsuk

If you like Simply Nailogical, you’ll definitely like Naio Nails.  They have professionals from the UK giving tutorials on virtually everything, and they also take requests.

Classic Makeup — She Loves Chaos

Hello Beauties Today I wanted to keep it simple and create the ‘classic’ makeup look. Simple eyeliner, lashes and red lips! What are some of your twists on the classic look? Products used are listed below xx Products: Primer : Covergirl Simply Ageless Serum Primer Foundation: Nars All Day Luminous foundation Setting powder: Rommel Match […]

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Youtuber of the Week: #MamaMax (@mammamaxxy)

Youtube: MamaMax

Twitter: mammamaxxy

WARNING: Parts of Max’s videos have strobe effects (at this time it’s always the ending).