So ramen chocolates exists

The Vulgar Chef


I mean is anyone really surprised? Ramen is everywhere. It’s burger buns. It’s in salads, and thanks to me…it’s a fucking taco shell.

I picked these bad mama jama’s up from

They offer up 6 fantastic flavors. Ramen, Savory Ramen (hints of garlic, onion, and soy sauce) French Toast, Tortilla Lime+Salt, and Apple Pie+Graham. The chocolate bars will run you $3.49 and the company is out of Seattle…so whatever the fuck the shipping is from there.(it was like 8 bucks for me and I’m across the country)

I wish I wasn’t such a drunk pile of dick and ordered all the flavors instead of 4 ramen bars…but hey I was excited and blacked out mid PayPal.

The chocolate itself is great and the ramen just gives it a little extra crunch.

I suggest you all order some up and try for yourselves!

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