ATM dispensing Gold, Condoms, Cupcakes.What next?

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An Old Railway Ticket When I was a kid, a regular coffee vending machine used to excite me. Also remember the weighing machine placed at certain railway stations in India that consumed a coin and predicted your personality. “Your Weight 45 Kg I You are gentle dreamer, sensitive and artist.” Little did I know then that these machines were a business for its manufacturers –  Eastern Scale Pvt Ltd and Northern Scale Pvt Ltd with a 40/60 % split in revenue sharing.

A Railway official quoted that while collections from the machines amounted to Rs 26 lakh in 2001, and Rs 19 lakh in 2010, they plummeted to Rs. 1.71 lakh in 2012 and stand at barely Rs. 26,000 by July, 2013.

Then came the generation of instant Pepsi and Coke. Recall the add where the kid puts 2 cans of Coke, climbs up further to get a Pepsi from the machine? It was funny, wasn’t…

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