Stage Fright (2014) Slasher Musical Movie Review

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Today, we are five decades removed from the emergence of the slasher as a staple subgenre of horror movies. Considering the abundance of classic franchises with double digit sequel totals and multiple remakes to top off their resumes, it’s fair to assume that the pool of ideas has been running thin. Where does this leave the slasher film today, in 2014?

Singing along to cheerily gruesome musical numbers at the theater, in Stage Fright. Combining the behind the scenes process of what it takes to put on such a production within the narrative arc of the overarching movie which is also a musical, there are some clever dance and song numbers…that’s really not what I was expecting to be complimenting this movie on before I watched it, but credit must be given where credit is due.

The musical aspects of the movie are excellently done. Each character or setting…

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