Philly Veg Dining Guide Launch

Cocktails + Quinoa


Last night I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone. I went to a party where I didn’t know anyone. I knew some twitter handles, but that was about it. The shindig at Tattooed Mom’s for the launch of the Philly Veg Dining Guide was set to start at 7 so I aimed to get there shortly thereafter. I even arrived a bit earlier than I wanted to, about 7:10 and considered dilly-dallying around South Street for a bit to kill time. I ended up going right in and was shocked by just how many people were already there! Veg-heads sure are timely!

Unfortunately, I can’t say that I had the chance to have much of the food. I’m currently keeping Passover and many of the food options came on a bun or crust. However, I did have AMAZING gluten-free papaya pasta salad and sushi from Pure Fare [

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