Review of “Fury: A Memoir” by Koren Zailckas

Fury: A MemoirFury: A Memoir by Koren Zailckas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So….Koren tells her family that her therapist says her family is pretty dysfunctional, and her sister nearly punches her in the face for it, her mother flies off the handle at Koren and sides with Koren sister because no matter what, that is what they do, and her father just seems to have the ability to shut down when the shit hits the fan, and all that happened the night she just had a miscarriage?

Koren had NO ALLIES in her immediate family. She had to bury her anger so deep as to not “rock the boat” and was lonely. She had no one while growing up in that home to turn to who loved her unconditionally, who would listen to her, acknowledge her pain and loneliness, and no one who would stick up for her. It was good to see her mother tell Koren that if she’s upset or angry with her then Koren needs to talk to her about it ASAP instead of shoving it down shoving it down shoving it down. That’s a big step in the right direction.

As for her sister: she needs to get the eff over herself and stop acting like family life is a damn Jerry Springer episode. As the baby of my own family, of course I’m a brat, but Koren’s sister is just despicable and self-centered. Maybe having a kid and a husband and niece will help ground her, but she owes it to Koren to talk about the night she almost clocked Koren in the face RIGHT AFTER she had a miscarriage. Speaking as someone who only has an older sister who’s also been my 2nd mom, there will never be enough *facepalms* on Earth that will ever cause me to justify Koren’s sister’s behavior.

Moving on to the subject of “fury”:

I think we all need to put into perspective that it’s only been over 100 years ago that women won the chance to vote, and it took give or take 100 years for a woman to run for president.

Men, put yourself in our shoes: wouldn’t you be pissed off to know that the fact that you don’t have a penis is the reason you don’t get paid as much as a man? Wouldn’t you be pissed off not to be able to vote, go to college, or that you’ve been betrothed and have no choice but to marry a complete stranger because your parents auctioned you off, that you are not allowed to be a human being with her own intelligence, passions, convictions and opinions, and every time you try to vent your frustrations you’re met with “Oh, you’ll be fine, you’re just having your period right now”. I’m sure the asshat who clocked Snooki in the face was just on the rag too, right?

Wouldn’t you be furious if you were a woman forced to watch her sister be burned alive at the stake because it was determined that she is a witch? What about being a 10 year old girl who is kidnapped and forced into sexual trafficking: wouldn’t that make you more than a bit miffed?

Women have been brainwashed into believing that they are property and completely inferior. The same way men have been brainwashed into believing that FURY is the only acceptable emotion they can express.

“Fight Club” is a book, not a movie. Us chicks all know guys want to be as badass as Tyler Durden, ok guys? Fine, Pacino was amazing in “Scarface”. WE GET IT. But nobody wants to settle down and have kids with either one of those guys if they were the last men on Earth.

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