Paper Towns


There are some writers who have such a distinctive style that, no matter what the topic of the book is, you have no doubt who wrote it.  In some ways that’s a great credit to the author, a sign of the strong voice that MFA instructors expound upon.  Stephen King is one such writer.  Whether he’s writing his trademark horror (The Stand; It; go read them right now if you haven’t), fantasy (The Dark Tower series drags a little near the end, but the first three books make for a stellar trilogy) or realistic fiction (yes, he writes it: “Stand By Me” is nostalgic brillance).  John Irving, Ian McEwan, Michael Chabon, Isabel Allende, and Amy Tan have all mastered the ability to write with a strong voice.  But, as much as that can be a boon to a writer, it can also be to his detriment.  With the exception of…

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