How Video Games Changed my World


I remember the first time a Video Game truly scared the hell out of me, it was in the early nineties and the family had bought an Amiga 500. The game was the tie in for a film called ‘Nightbreed’ a creation of the legendary film director and writer Clive Barker.

The game was bleak and the game play at times was dire, but the atmosphere was dark and menacing; especially to a young kid like me. As the game progressed it became more freaky, more difficult, and most terrifyingly of all; the characters. Each of them a true representation of their film personas. It was truly frightening and kept me awake on more nights than I care to remember.

Since then the age of the truly terrifying games has gone and has been replaced by the franchise horror.. Resident Evil, Silent Hill to name a couple from a truly…

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