In ‘The Judge’, Robert Downey And Robert Duvall Star In A Cut-Rate ‘Doc Hollywood’ (TIFF Review)



‘My Cousin Vinny,’ Without The Good Parts

While other TIFF movies seem to come from a magical place called Film Festival Land, where everyone is a dyslexic circus dwarf with a heart of gold, and mental health can be cured with an earnest monologue and a slo-mo montage, The Judge feels like it arrived via time machine sent from 1993. Robert Downey Jr. plays a dickish big city lawyer who has to return to his hometown of Carlinville, Indiana to defend his estranged father, the morally upright town judge played by Robert Duvall, after the latter runs down the town sh*thead with his car. Imagine My Cousin Vinny meets Doc Hollywood. That’s pretty much the whole movie. In fact, you could probably just call it “Lawyer Hollywood.” And despite a plot that can be adequately explained in two words, the movie runs an excruciating two hours and twenty minutes, long enough…

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