Gangs – Back to School

The Last Mixed Tape

Brighton GangsDublin based indie-rock act Gangs make a suitably explosive debut with their brilliant Back to School E.P.

For quite some time now Gangs have built a near unstoppable momentum through attention grabbing live performances that have resulted in a constantly expanding devout “moveable scene” that follows the four-piece from show-to-show.

The group’s highly anticipated first E.P. Back to School is evidence that this is not hype-based but rather a possible sign of something far more seismic occurring within the Irish indie scene.

From the sudden sharp blast of drums that introduce the raucous ‘Daisy’, the sheer force of Gangs live sound is captured perfectly during the studio recording process. Losing none of its potency, the straight-to-the-point edge of the band’s music hits from the opening bars of Back to School and never let’s go.

With the Dublin native’s all-encompassing sound blasting out of the speakers the far more effective aspect of Gangs…

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