Anime Book Review: The Rough Guide to Anime

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The Rough Guide to Anime is a book written by Simon Richmond, and it was published in 2009. The book contains an introduction, acknowledgements, seven chapters, a glossary, and an index. The introduction covers some of the very basics of anime.

The first chapter of the book chronicles the history of anime, which is covered in seven sections. The ending of the chapter goes into the future challenges and the new directions of anime. Within the chapter, some properties from each of the eras are highlighted, and there are also some boxes included within the text that provide additional information for the reader concerning some of the topics discussed in the chapter. There are also still images of various anime sprinkled throughout not just the first chapter, but throughout the whole book.

The next chapter goes into the fifty “must-see” anime, and includes several obvious choices: Akira, Astro Boy

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