GROUP REVIEW: Interstellar



Upon Interstellar’s release a frenzy began to be whipped up amongst the ScreenQueen’s writers. Varying opinions were being spouted left right and centre and some serious space lovin’ and trivia reciting was going down. Due to the high volume of opinions on Christopher Nolan’s latest feature we decided to treat you all to a group review.

CAROLINE: (may contain spoilers)

It’s been awhile since a film has so profoundly moved me, and left me thinking about it for days after seeing it. If I had the money, I’d go see it again. Not only was it an incredible film, but also a one-of-a kind experience to see it in IMAX. You could feel the sounds in your bones. And the visuals, much like that of Gravity, plunge you into the black beauty of outer space.  Interstellar is 2001: Space Odyssey inspired with a Speilbergian heart (he was originally attached…

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