Movie Review: Gone Girl


David Fincher’s latest film, Gone Girl, is a very dark and impeccably crafted drama. Adapted for the screen from writer Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name, Gone Girl is an intense mysterious journey that keeps you on edge from beginning to end. Ben Affleck stars as Nick Dunne who’s wife Amy, Rosamund Pike, disappears and soon Nick finds himself in the spotlight of a national crime case fueled by the media.

Scored by Trent Reznor Gone Girl’s pulsing soundtrack adds to the creepiness and eerie tone of the film. David Fincher once again shows off his extreme attention to detail for what he puts in his frame. Fincher’s perfectly dark and moody cinematography paired with a powerfully engaging script that at times describes marital relationships almost satirically. Like a lot of his other films Gone Girl has plenty of shades of dark humor woven throughout. Rosamund Pike’s performance is stunning…

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