Review: Rosewater

Braxton On Film

I confess that I don’t watch the news much. I don’t watch the Daily Show often, in fact I’m usually in bed by 11:00 pm. Before word reached my ears that Jon Stewart was making his directing a movie, I will admit that I was intrigued that he was writing and directing a film about a journalist who was accused of espionage on Iranian soil and detained for months in 2009.

Gael Garcia Bernal (right) and Kim Bodnia (left) star in Rosewater

Again, I don’t watch the news as much as the next person and I had no idea who this Maziar Bahari was; in 2009 I was about to begin my second year of college and I had other things on my mind during the time of Bahari’s detainment, but the film Rosewater is based on Bahari’s experience covering the Iranian election which led to his arrest and incarceration…

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