GROUP REVIEW: Mockingjay Part 1




As is au fait in film adaptations of teen book series, Mockingjay has been split in two. Part One, subsequently, is lacking in a lot of the action that the book contains. But from what I remember, that action was extremely condensed to the point in which I was genuinely muddled about who was dead, so perhaps this is gonna work out. Mockingjay worked pretty well without the action that it’s predecessors contained, it definitely didn’t bore me, but it felt like something was missing. Maybe it’s because Jennifer Lawrence didn’t have much to do outside of worrying about everyone else or being on the verge of tears. She does play traumatised remarkably though, but the performance highlight was once again Woody Harrelson being funny and cutting and tender and harsh. The opposite end of the spectrum? Liam Hemsworth was so patchy and manages to make Gale even…

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