“The Multiversity Guidebook” Distills the Comic Book Experience Into a Single Issue (Review)

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Note: This first appeared at ComicsBulletin.com as part of it’s Sunday SlugFest feature.

Despite its name, The Multiversity Guidebook is not a typical guidebook – even one for the DC Multiverse. In a recent interview, Morrison stated that he framed The Multiversity – and this issue in particular – like the experience most of us had when we started reading. Publishers make a great deal of effort defining and advertising “jumping on points” to attract new readers, but much of the current readership made the plunge into comics mid-story, filling in the blanks along the way. For me, this is the experience that The Multiversity Guidebookdelivers.

We’re thrown into the middle of a frantic battle between the adorable and outmatched Batman of Earth-45 and the various Dr. Sivanas of the Multiverse (and their evil robot lackeys), when another Batman, this one the high-tech version from Earth-42, teleports in to…

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