Cover Girl Lash Blast Hydrofuge Mascara




I bought the waterproof version in the color black/brown.  My allergy problems are usually itchy sore, slightly red eyes, so I usually have to wear waterproof mascara (and eye liner if I’m tight-lining).  I really like the wand.  I always wipe off any blobs that are on my brush before I apply mascara.  each time I put the wand into the tube I always get a piece of toilet paper and wipe the blobs off.  I’m OCD when it comes to my lashes and take my time with making sure they’re not “spidery”.  I don’t do the “wiggle at the roots” technique because then I ALWAYS wind up with mascara on my eyelids.  So I just curl my lashes and use the applicator to comb the color through my lashes.  This way I don’t need a lash comb to get clumps out.


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