Full-On Makeup Looks

If you’re in a situation where you will be trying to make a first impression and care about how you are going to be judged, then these looks aren’t for you.  I personally wouldn’t wear them during the day, and I have a major pet peeve over “cakey” face makeup and have grown to LOATHE heavy foundation, but I don’t get offended over it: unless it’s tattooed on you can just remove it, so what’s the big deal?  Instagram eyebrows for everybody.

These are looks more catered to MUA’s, cosmetic/beauty vloggers, makeup junkies like myself, & girls who appreciate the quality of the application and/or creativity of the execution.

P.S.: I also think that Kim Kardashian has great taste in cosmetics & I like hearing her talk about it.  Love it or hate it I don’t care.  The girl knows what she’s doing.