#TuesdayChat with @KimKardashian

I love cosmetics, if you have subscribed, it’s pretty clear that’s an understatement.

I think Kim K. West has great taste in cosmetics, especially because of the fact that I have VERY sensitive skin, when it comes to any kind of face makeup, I have to research department store brands as well as drugstore brands.  I’m not going to listen to anybody who I can see has no idea what they’re talking about.  Kim knows that “makeup looks” are always a matter of artistic expression, and how you choose to artistically express yourself has nothing to do with critique.  Everyone has the right to express themselves artistically.

Her taste in MUA’s is impeccable


and in person she’s always polite.  I understand why people don’t care for her, but really people, there is NO fine line between “having the right to your personal opinion” and “bullying”.  Argue about your differences all you want, but respect given is respect due.  The meek who enable or chose to be in denial about bullying shall not inherit the Earth, and it’s much better to be a lurker because they see everything, they share everything amongst each other, and take great pains to not let their reputations precede them.  The people keeping their mouths shut while they case the perimeter of the joint are the ones you should usually worry about.  They know what they’ve seen.

Observe the “dark realm”, but be not of it.




You watching me trash Grandpa Lemon while he plays Kim K’s game (which I’m sorry sucks, but not every single idea one has is guaranteed to be brilliant)