Cordskinz Review

I was given the chance to review a new product called “Cordskinz”, which is a device that you lace onto your earbuds so that they never get tangled.

Speaking for myself, mine always get tangled.  They also never fail to become misplaced.

I was given two (free) pairs to fanny about with, and when I say they are easy to attach, you’ve got to believe it because as much of a wordsmith as I am I am terrible with written directions, even if it has pictures to go with.  My brain just refuses to brain and gets teh dumb.  I am a “visual demonstration” type of person.  This is literally the first time in a couple of months where I followed the directions and got it right on the first try without saying the Lord’s name in vein about 23473 times while I attempted to follow them.

They work just fine, they come in bright colors so they are much easier for me to find.  (Did I mention I am also terribly near-sighted without my glasses? ” I-need-an-alarm-clock-the-size-of-an-old-school-mini-TV”  near-sighted?)

Thank you, Cordskinz Team!  (They have very good and prompt customer service!)


I’d like to take the time out to say that it is important to NEVER wear earbuds or anything else that will take away your sense of hearing while walking around or jogging alone.  Not even earmuffs.  It is basically an electronic version of traveling about in a sandwich board that says “Attack Me!”.

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