Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves (Album Review)

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modest mouse

Modest Mouse ascended to Indie rock loyalty in the 2000s when they broke through with their album ‘Good News For People Who Love Bad News’, which had them cleaning up their sound somewhat to produce Indie rock and pop gems like everyone’s favourite ‘Float On’. There is a certain madness about their music especially when it comes to the lead singer, Isaac Brock who’s vocals are always manic and give a certain distinctiveness to their music.

‘Strangers To Ourselves’ is Modest Mouse’s first album in 8 years. They’ve been making it for quite some time now with lots of false starts in the studio. As a result of that some of the material feels like it could have been released in 2005 – in a good way. In parts that brilliant madness seems to still be in place like on the lead single ‘Lampshades Of Fire’ which just sounds like classic Modest…

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