Hooking Up With Tila Tequila: Chapter 1: Slut


Summer Reading Part 2 – My Kid’s List Update

@ the library with paula


It’s been a month since I wrote my summer reading list.  Nothing too ambitious, or so I thought, especially as there were quite a few children’s titles in the list.  I flew through the Battle Bunny and the Big Red Lollipop.  Both I highly recommend for younger readers.  The Big Red Lollipop by Rukhsana Khan is a great picture book that as the youngest sister myself, struck a familiar chord of wanting to go to parties my sisters were invited but didn’t want me to attend.  Battle Bunny by Jon Scieszka should just be left out on a counter and watch for people’s reactions, someone will point out that someone has written all over the book.  Fish in a Tree is an excellent middle grade read by Lynda Mullaly Hunt whose main character struggles with dyslexia.  I totally enjoyed this book, hopefully soon we can have main…

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Movies: Take a first look at Bryan Cranston and Rebel Wilson’s characters in Kung Fu Panda 3

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Drones – Muse

The CD Critic

British rock band Muse offer the follow-up to 2012’s somewhat polarizing yet ultimately trademark Muse album ‘The 2nd Law’, with their latest album effort ‘Drones’. Featuring an arguably more stripped back approach to composition than what we’ve seen on the bands’ last few albums, ‘Drones’ presents a bombastic and over-the-top rock experience, where guitar riffs and motifs take precedent in a thematic album about drones and mind-control. All in all, it’s a rather quintessential Muse album experience, though one that seems to call back to Muse’s strongest years, featuring a number of tracks which really stand out nicely amongst Muse’s expansive discography.

‘Drones’ sees Muse going back to a more rock-orientated sound, with Bellamy’s guitars taking the forefront of most of the album experience. Much of the album feels like a call-back to Muses’ 2001 release of ‘Origin of Symmetry’, though hardly a repeat of the album itself. ‘Drones’ features Muse simply…

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‘Girl Trouble’ by Carol Dyhouse – Review

Night-time Reads

From the cigarette smoke and defiant middle finger of the front cover, I was expecting something a little more tongue-in cheek, and, well, cheeky. But even the most zealous meninist would be hard-pressed to brand Carol Dyhouse’s excellent tour of women’s recent history in Britain a rant or, ahem, ‘propaganda’; or even to disregard it as fluff.

2015-06-02 20.43.03

Girl Trouble: Panic and Progress in the History of Young Women. Zed Books, 2014.

Dyhouse, a research professor of history at the University of Sussex, seriously knows her stuff. Girl Trouble is extremely well-informed, with every claim backed up by thorough referencing. First off, we are introduced to the women of the early 1900s, unable to vote or obtain careers, with their dainty maidenheads ever so carefully packed in cotton wool – resulting in a generation who could barely grasp at their own sexuality. It is in this social climate that the…

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