Drones – Muse

The CD Critic

British rock band Muse offer the follow-up to 2012’s somewhat polarizing yet ultimately trademark Muse album ‘The 2nd Law’, with their latest album effort ‘Drones’. Featuring an arguably more stripped back approach to composition than what we’ve seen on the bands’ last few albums, ‘Drones’ presents a bombastic and over-the-top rock experience, where guitar riffs and motifs take precedent in a thematic album about drones and mind-control. All in all, it’s a rather quintessential Muse album experience, though one that seems to call back to Muse’s strongest years, featuring a number of tracks which really stand out nicely amongst Muse’s expansive discography.

‘Drones’ sees Muse going back to a more rock-orientated sound, with Bellamy’s guitars taking the forefront of most of the album experience. Much of the album feels like a call-back to Muses’ 2001 release of ‘Origin of Symmetry’, though hardly a repeat of the album itself. ‘Drones’ features Muse simply…

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