EOS vs BabyLips

Painting These Roses

Oh yes, everyone has heard about these two lip balms always being hyped up but which one is better? So here is a review/ comparison of the EOS and BabyLips lip balms.


Lets start with the EOS lip balm, I absolutely love the packaging it’s different than other lip balms on the market. The only product that can compare to with similar packaging are the Balmi Cube Lip Balms. The flavour/ scent that I am showing here is passion fruit which currently you can only get in the Limited Edition Spring 2-Pack which also includes the Fresh Watermelon one as well. I also have the Honeysuckle Honeydew one but I have some sad things to say about these. When I apply these to my lips they feel waxy and I have to apply loads of coats for it to make my lips smooth, the lasting effect of it…

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