Mediahhh TV: Free UK TV Anywhere App review

Expressing my undying devotion to Mediahhh TV, more like!

You have no idea how long I have been waiting for the chance to be able to just watch UK television instead of American whenever I felt like it.  I would like to watch ALL television, full stop, but who knows if I can gather enough apps or whatever inventions there are out there without feeling like I have a giant clusterf*ck of apps to deal with.

I got to watch the Simpsons with British commercials today!  Yes that was one of the highlights of the day and I am not ashamed to say so!

I do watch a lot of television shows, but I don’t actually watch much television.  I’m always on the internet or I use my Amazon Fire TV Stick (you can find my review of it here).  I use apps to get news and weather.

But I will be checking to see what’s on the telly on the other side of the pond multiple times a day from now on.