Ash vs. Evil Dead Review: Schlock, But Not Enough Awe, in Starz’ Revival


grade_C+It’s telling that the best scene in Ash vs. Evil Dead — Starz’ continuation of writer-director Sam Raimi’s campsterpiece horror franchise — finds Bruce Campbell’s titular hero facing off against a possessed doll.

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The Nightmare (2015 Documentary)

A Journey Through Cinema

The most universal aspect of horror is its power to make us realize that evil might be a lot closer – and a lot more unpredictable – than we want to acknowledge.

Few films have tapped into that mysterious and terrorizing aspect of the great unknown. Alfred Hitchcock managed to do it with the masterful Psycho. In the 70’s, William Friedkin and Tobe Hooper did it with The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the late 90’s a group of students were able to tap into that primal fear on a fraction of the budget with The Blair Witch ProjectAnd now in 2015, director Rodney Ascher (The ABC’s of Death, Room 237) taps into that same terrorizing instinct (this time in documentary format) with The Nightmare. 

The documentary consists of eight interviews with people who suffer from a bizarre condition known as sleep paralysis. This night time phenomenon literally…

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Lush update

SquintyGinge's Blog

A few years have passed now since I reviewed Angels on Bare Skin, Ultrabland as well as the Imperialis moisturiser from Lush. So I thought it might be worthwhile talking about which of these products withstood the test of time.

Out of the three products the only one I am still using is Angels on Bare Skin. Two and half years later, I am still in love with this cleanser. After trying out some Clinique products two years ago I broke out in massive red cysts all over my face and in a mere 2 weeks of using AoBS they had all cleared up. Magic. I have quite sensitive skin and AoBS is so gentle but still manages to thoroughly clean my face without drying it out.

In terms of the other two products I did finish them both but found that the Ultrabland cleanser left a residue on my…

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TV Review: Supergirl

What's Worth Your Time


Airs: Mondays at 8/7c on CBS

Review: Pilot

I am not well versed in comic book lore, but Supergirl feels like it stays close to the comics – including logic that would only make sense in a comic book.  It was a pilot episode, and those can be a little rocky; sometimes a show needs room to grow into itself.  Let’s hope Supergirl can do that, because the show has promise, if some serious flaws.

Kara Danvers is the errand girl for media mogul Cat Grant.  She is content knowing that the world doesn’t need another hero – her cousin, Superman, has it covered.  Until one day, her foster sister’s plane is going to crash, and Kara flies to the rescue.  This exposes her to the world, and to feelings she didn’t know she had – she wants to be a hero and help people.  She can do that with…

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