Zoeva brushes overall review and favourites


Hi everyone! Trying to remind myself to blog! Had a little riffle through my collection and put together a list of things to review for you guys… I decided to start with Zoeva Brushes!


If I get asked for brush recommendation, Zoeva is always the first brand I direct people to! They are pretty affordable and incredible quality, they don’t fall apart or shed and they all do their designed jobs impeccably.

Around a year ago, I started my brush collection with the Zoeva eye brush set. It cost around £52, which at the time, having a collection mainly built up of Jessup (eBay/amazon) eye brushes, seemed quite pricey. But if you work out the cost of each individual brush it really wasn’t too bad. I started using them straight away (well, after washing them) and that first time I realised exactly why they were so hyped up. Soft, fluffy…

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