Product Review: The Dog Treat Company

Adventures of Doodles

This week we are going to try and review some of the lovely products we picked up at the weekend at Discover Dogs. First up is The Dog Treat Company.

Products: Fabulous Fur, Joie de Vivre and Take my Dog Breath Away.

These are lovely, natural treats that Colin could not get enough of on Sunday which was a relief after he had refused so many! All six varieties are based on the same recipe with a few little tweaks, for example parsley in the fresh breath “Take my Dog Breath Away” treats. Main ingredients are free range chicken liver, oats, organic smelt and free range eggs. They don’t add any salt, sugars, dyes or fillers to their treats and use dehydration to preserve them so no chemicals there either!

 The packaging is gorgeous, all the dogs on the packets/tins are personally know to the company which is a…

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