TL;DR: Assassin’s Creed Unity

Bryan Rumsey

If you like any of the previous 38 Assassin Creed titles then you will love Syndicate. If this is you, just go buy the game because it is the same thing just in Victorian London this time — which seems to be a pretty popular time period. The zipline trivializes the hallmark climbing aspects. There are two playable characters, though this mechanic isn’t fleshed out in either the narrative nor the gameplay. One is better at combat, the other can become invisible (WHAT?) and they have their own skill trees which allows you to play with different builds. In the story, one doesn’t utilize subtlety in assassinations and the other cleans up the mess. Seriously, they could have just had one character with one skill tree and the ability to respec. Evie is much more interesting and fleshed out than Jack Jacob anyways(he’s so generic I even forgot his name)…

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