Review: Slither

cinema cocoa

(Originally published October 2011)

From the director who would later go on to make Super (edit: and Guardians of the Galaxy) comes a quirky little gore movie that surprised me with its likability! Although most of that likability may come from Nathan Fillion (from the cult TV show Firefly) in the lead role.

In a small, quiet and quirky American town a meteorite crashes and releases a fierce parasitic lifeform, it infects and possesses a husband whose wife then teams up with the local police chief and others to stop an alien takeover!
The film’s labelled as a horror-comedy, and while it got a chuckle out of me a few times I have to say it could have done with some wittier dialogue, especially with Fillion on board. I was most impressed with the physical and special effects involved! Great comedic splashes and gushes of blood and bile…

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