Wiko Selfy 4G Review – The phone for selfie fans!


At IFA 2015 Wiko presented their new smartphone line up including the Wiko Selfy 4G. The device, which targets selfie fans is – after the Highway Star and the Ridge 4G – the third phone from the manufacturer, which I was able to test. Since I had such a great experience with the two mentioned smartphones from Wiko, my expectations were quite high. But this time around I’m slightly disappointed by the experience overall… Not because the Wiko Selfy 4G is a bad phone! Definitely not! But the other two phones I’ve tested so far, just satisfied me more (maybe this device just doesn’t target me as I don’t take many selfies;)). But let’s take a closer look at the Selfy 4G…

Design & Build Quality

Wiko Selfy 4G Design and Build Quality 660p

Both the Wiko Ridge 4G and the Highway Star really impressed me with their premium feeling – especially the first-mentioned surprised and satisfied me in…

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