Review: Going Clear: Scientology and the prison of belief (2015)

What's the ding dong?

“Going Clear: Scientology and the prison of belief” is being billed as the documentary they didn’t want you to see!!!! However, who are “they” and why should we be afraid? “They” refers to the Church of Scientology and the reasons why we should be afraid are because of the tactics they use against critics of the church.

Alex Gibney is already a well-established documentarian with an Oscar to his credit for his work on “Taxi to the dark side”.  He has won the Emmy award for Mea Maxima Cupla, which recounts the abuse at the hands of U.S Catholic church. He is no stranger to tough topics that have controversy but with this documentary he could have bitten off more than he chewed when the Church of Scientology counter acted his efforts with a documentary about him.

Bottom line is that there isn’t really anything new here that we haven’t…

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