TV Review: Supergirl

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Airs: Mondays at 8/7c on CBS

Review: Pilot

I am not well versed in comic book lore, but Supergirl feels like it stays close to the comics – including logic that would only make sense in a comic book.  It was a pilot episode, and those can be a little rocky; sometimes a show needs room to grow into itself.  Let’s hope Supergirl can do that, because the show has promise, if some serious flaws.

Kara Danvers is the errand girl for media mogul Cat Grant.  She is content knowing that the world doesn’t need another hero – her cousin, Superman, has it covered.  Until one day, her foster sister’s plane is going to crash, and Kara flies to the rescue.  This exposes her to the world, and to feelings she didn’t know she had – she wants to be a hero and help people.  She can do that with…

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