5 Great Vampire Movies Post-‘Twilight’

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I have never actually saw theTwilightmovies. I don’t make it a habit bad-mouthing them (again, because I have never seen them). There seemed to be a feeling during their tenure near the top of the box-office that vampireaficionadoswere abit concerned that the entire vamp subgenre was going to be smacked in the face. I’m simply here to tell you it wasn’t.


5. Byzantium

Byzantiumis aGothicfamily drama. It is about a mother-daughter duo: Clara and Eleanor (Gemma Aterton and SaroiseRonan, respectively), who unlock the secret to immortality. It, of course, involves drinking blood, as well as a trippy stay in a cave. It bounces back in forth between the olden days and the modern day. In the past, Clara was a prostitute that had to give up Eleanor since children weren’t allowed in the brothel. In the present, Clara is hard partying ladyembracing the lowered consequences while Eleanor…

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