Our Top 3 Absolutely Free App Builders

The Daly Dish


So you’ve decided that your business or event could benefit from having an app…

Good choice! Now it’s time to make one!

Our list today consists of the TOP 3 FREE app builders. This means that you’ll be sacrificing some features, which we will lay out for each provider, but in general, any small business app should be able to function perfectly well with these ready-to-go platforms.

Most of the “free app builder” reviews we read during the research for this article were not truly accurate. We wanted to know exactly what you get for zero dollars, but the reviews always led to a point where you need to pay (sure, $7/mth is negligible, but still doesn’t mean free).

Our goal here is to tell you everything you need to know based solely on paying nothing.

Keep in mind that of course if you want something 100% customizable…

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