Review: Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1

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Justice League Dakrseid War SupermanEvolving into a God of Strength, Superman has become an angry, violent brute. But what unlikely hero can save him?

There’s now three one-shots out featuring the various characters who have been given God-like powers during “Darkseid War.” Superman was supercharged in Apokolips and is now crackling with energy with a new look that’s black and white.

First the look of Superman, I love it. While it’s not different much as far as the costume, it does look like it due to the coloring. That is done really well by Bong Davo on art.

Justice League: Darkseid War: Superman #1 sticks out though due to the writing of Francis Manapul who writes a comic that works as part of the overall story, but also as a straight up one-shot that you can pick up and put down if interested. Manapul does really focus on Superman being a superpowered dick. It…

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