TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead S1E2 Bait

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Ash vs Evil Dead ArtThe debut of Ash vs Evil Deadfelt like the return of something you didn’t know you missed, until you saw it returned. The first episode, which debuted last week, quickly dove back into the formula fans of the Evil Dead trilogy have come to love, a mix of horror, comedy, in a style that’s unique and all its own.

The second episode of the series has Ash and his trusty sidekick Pablo set upon their journey, and quickly get attacked and sidetracked.

This episode sums up a lot of the vibe that I know I love about the series, a solid mix of humor, action, and horror. There’s a few scenes of Ash kicking ass that are so over the top, they can’t help be funny, and humor is clearly what’s being gone for.

The show rests on the shoulders of Bruce Campbell, who has slid back into…

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