A Walk In Manhattan: Seasoned Vegan


ecoRDN takes the D-Train south to Harlem 125th Street / St Nicholas Avenue.

After misreading the map and going in the wrong direction we discovered St Nicholas Park and some amazing park steps that led to St Nicholas Terrace, exploration for another day! Back on track, we made our way to Seasoned Vegan at 55 St Nicholas Avenue in Harlem. Seasoned Vegan as stated on their website is a family business owned an operated by Mother and Son, Brenda and Aaron Beener.

They explain the term ‘soul food’ is used loosely because they aren’t referring to typical cuisine specific to the Southern region of the United States, but rather any food prepared by a chef who uses flavorful ingredients and also infuses love and care.  (Trust us, you can taste the love!). Their menu offers a variety of foods from cooked and raw appetizers, fresh juice smoothies, salads, burgers, wraps…

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