Beauty Treats matte blush palette review

Stardust and Lipstick

Hello hello my lovely lovies. I’m so sorry for being MIA for so long.. I guess life just gets in the way sometimes, you know? And you end up being so busy and not having time for things that aren’t pressing and urgent. No more excuses! I just HAD to post something for all of ya’ll.

I can’t believe the holiday season is just around the corner *looks into the distance and thinks about beach days and chill time* seriously, I’m gonna chill so hard during the holidays. I’ve got tons of books I want to read and series I want to catch up on 😀. Enough about me, let’s get into today’s review.

I bought this Beauty Treats 10 color matte blush pallete 2 weeks ago and was totally intrigued by the color selection. To be honest, I’ve seen this pallete many times before but never wanted to purchase…

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