Not-a-movie Monday: The Last Kingdom

The Gonzo History Project


I know it’s not a movie, and I should do it on TV Tuesday, but I’m too compulsive to change my blog-posting schedule so I’m shoehorning it in on Monday. Anyway, I’ve spoken before about my bizarre habit of reading everything with Vikings in, and that extends to Bernard Cornwell’s “warrior” series, despite the fact that I find the presentation of its protagonist, Uhtred, monumentally irritating. There was a bit in the most recent book where his son became the POV character and I was like “yes, he died!” but it was a fake-out. Curse you, Cornwell.

I don’t know why it is — I’ve never been the kind of person who cared about whether characters are likable. The protagonist of my story is an absolutely awful person. There’s just something about him, and almost every Cornwall protagonist, that annoys the shit out of me (the exception is Derfel…

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