All Things Must Pass (2015) Review

Frankly Zach

Originally posted on on Nov. 10, 2015

imagesScore: 4/5

The founding of Tower Records is as American a story as George Washington and the cherry tree. What started as a small source of extra income for a family-owned drugstore soon grew into a billion-dollar company that found itself on the path to worldwide fame.

Director Colin Hanks’ documentary “All Things Must Pass” chronicles the rise and fall of Sacramento native Russ Solomon’s Tower Records, which started as a form of extra revenue in his father’s drugstore on Broadway in Sacramento (where Tower Cafe now stands). In a few short years, Solomon was able to create a new chain of hundreds of independent record stores across the globe.

As Tower Records began, old genres like jazz and swing began to peak and new artists like the Beach Boys became the sound for a younger and hipper generation. To Sacramento teens…

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