Delirium – Ellie Goulding (Review)



She clearly stole her album title from my blog, so it makes sense to write a review of Ellie Goulding’s new album Delirium. This quirky album has blown my expectations and even has a hint of Bollywood flavor so it definitely delivered.

Whilst most reviews I’ve read have slated Ellie Goulding for “losing” herself in pursuit of chart topping stardom, I disagree. Yes she is now working with new producers, perhaps best known for their chart successes, but surely this is to be expected? When you reach this level of international recognition these are the people who will want to work with you. It is like complaining that a person who has shown an aptitude for science has outgrown their teenage-year chemistry set and has now “lost themselves” because they are no longer experimenting in mom’s kitchen but at CERN.

Secondly the title should offer at least a…

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