Ash vs Evil Dead ep. 3 the Ghost Beaters in “Books From Beyond”

American of London


Well, that was quick.

The third episode of Ash vs Evil Dead was really over quickly. Just a brief 30 minutes is clearly not enough time to spend with Ash and the gang. Sure it’s one thing to fulfill all the fun and action viewers want, but it’s clearly a bit restraining for this show to be squeezed into a time slot so small.

From a show that absolutely nailed it straight off the bat, “Books From Beyond” was clearly a weaker episode. It was all too brief and it was obvious that this was a baby in the hands of new a new writer and director. This is how I feel about Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s fourth season: strange choices and never really quite hitting the mark with characters. We only see Kelly’s parents sporadically, but there was enough to care about them and what happened to them…

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