Better Call Saul! Seaon 2 Preview

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Better Call Saul is back! ……. in February, but Netflix have kindly released a sneak peak for us all to over analyse for the next few months. So what can we expect from the smooth talking lawyer currently known as Jimmy McGill as he transforms into the best lawyer in all of New Mexico?

looking back at the first season, this was not what Breaking Bad fans may have been expecting at all. The comparison between the two shows is that similar to how Cheers was to Frasier, Breaking Bad was an object of blunt force, where as Better caul Saul is an object of finesse, Breaking Bad a sledge hammer, Better call Saul a violin.

In the First season we are treated to a cameo from Tuco and the back story of Mike as he heads on his path that will ultimately lead him to Gus (We can only…

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