Love Me Beauty – The Best Subscription Beauty Box

Mama's Haven

Love Me Beauty is not the first subscription beauty box I have tried this autumn, but it is by far, the best one on the UK market, in my informed opinion.

IMG_4279What makes me view it as such?

I have five simple reasons and I am confident you would agree with me, once you have heard me:

1. Price

I have tried several other beauty boxes which are decently priced but none of them beats the £10/month that Love Me Beauty sells for! Most of the beauty boxes out there do offer competitive prices but most of them do start at over £12.00.

2. Value for Money

Again, I have tried beautiful beauty boxes which offered a varied array of products, from hair, make up, nails, body and accessories but most of their products come in minuscule, sample sizes, with the odd product being full size and worth the spending…

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