Bobbi Brown Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette

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This may not be much of a secret to my shopping buddies, but my Christmas wishlists in the last couple of years have always included at least one holiday palette from Bobbi Brown. It is my definition of great value for a high-end brand. From their year-round offerings, you can already find powerfully flattering colors that their well-trained makeup artists recommend to tailor-fit your features and skintone. Now add to that the sensation of the amped up holiday season in the Philippines and the release of a carefully curated palette featuring Bobbi’s Famous Neutrals. Perhaps now you’ll understand why I decided to treat myself to Bobbi Brown Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette.

Bobbi Brown Bellini Lip and Eye Palette

So sleek, it reflects the sky

Quick Specs: Regular Eye Shadows at 0.7 g / 0.025 oz each (x3) ; Metallic and Sparkle Eye Shadows at 1.4 g / 0.05 oz…

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