FTC Disclosure

All things sponsored or I was given to do an ad for will have the hashtag #sponsor or #ad.

Long before Operation Full Disclosure even existed, whatever conclusion I come to about anything I post here, it’s never a “Paper Moon” when it comes to my reviews and opinions.  I’m not here to con anybody out of anything.  It’s “quid pro quo” all the way on this site.

I’m perfectly blunt about my hatred for capitalism, but if you are a U.S. citizen you have to adapt or die.  If you are not in the 1%, you have to stick together with the rest of the 99% because we’re all we’ve got.   There’s us and there’s them.  The ignorant are the easiest to control.   Know you role and shut your mouth.  The royal, the nobles, and the commoners, the same pecking order century after century.

The culture and humanity that local businesses fight to keep above water is what makes America.  Frozen yogurt is not culture and you are not your f-ing khaki’s.  Life is not about a food chain.  It is a WWE “Money in the Bank” PPV match that never ends.



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