Kindle Fire HD, 7″ Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB

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I got this for my birthday, and I really like it.  They have definitely upgraded this edition, especially since I haven’t had a new one in almost three years.  I am a big fan of goodreads as well, and I love that it is automatically linked to it so you can just check off everything you read or every audiobook you listen to as you go along.  The HD cam is great, too.


#cleanmaster Android App

It is the number one Android cleaner and optimizer, and has been ranked #1 by AV-TEST ( .


I have this on my Kindle, my Nook, and my Samsung Galaxy tablets (the Kindle is mostly for books, the Nook mostly for comic books, and the Galaxy helps a lot with my blogging, and is helping prolong the life of my laptop).

It has functions to get rid of junk files, give your tablet a memory boost, an app manager to remind you of apps you never use and might want to get rid of, one for cleaning up your history and maintain your privacy, one that is a “booster” for your Android games, and is just freakin’ sweet all around.

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