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IT Portfolio Apps updated the so many versions on the android platform, download free of this Android Apps for everyone. We are suggesting a 5 easy (Website Development and Mobile Apps) sites that will help you to create your own Android Apps for free in few minutes.

IT Portfolio Apps has developed by the Intellisense Technology Company, we are working in Website Development and Software Development and also we are Web Design Consultant for Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows based application and extend the functionality of the every mobile device. We assembled for this app for the working on mobile or tablet. Users can download of this apps it’s free on Android Market and also we helping the customers to which types of applications is better for long time. IT Portfolio Apps making by the experienced Web Designers & Web Developers and developing in Web Based Applications (Intellisense Technology).

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Deal of the Day

Life on the loop

I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about the new Samsung Galaxy S5, unless you of course live under a rock. Are you wondering if it’s like the iPhone and they add one new feature and charge bucket loads of cash? Yeah, me too. So here’s the upgrades from the S4 to the S5.

  • It’s bigger, however, the size of the screen is almost the same size as the S4.
  • You can submerge it underwater.
  • Fingerprint sensor, the S5 stores up to 3 fingerprints. You can use this for some app purchases instead of typing in a code.
  • 16 megapixel camera, the s4 only had 13 megapixels.
  • Processor upgrade from the 1.9 GHz quad-core qual Qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor to the 2.5 GHz quad-core snapdragon 801 processor.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is $200.00 with an upgrade.

Amazon can beat that price at $189.99, you can…

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