Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara


I like to use the waterproof version of mascaras most of the time, but especially in the spring and summer since I have really bad seasonal allergies.  My eyes take the worst hit if grass, ragweed, or pollen is blown into them.  I wind up with really itchy red eyes and my mascara winds up smudging and I get that “sad panda” look.

The “spoon” shape of the wand is great if you have naturally long lashes like myself.  It gives you the option of applying the product two different ways so it gives you more volume.
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My “Rosacea Friendly” Foundation Routine

I was in a rush today to get my makeup on before my kid was dropped off.  I decided to mix a small amount (size of a pea) into my tinted moisturizer and set it with a small amount of Revlon PhotoReady translucent “finisher” powder.  It gets quite humid when it starts to warm up in NJ until about September, and we have a small bathroom and that means the humidity from the weather and hot showers gets trapped in there, which means I start sweating my makeup off in the middle of applying it.  I can only use what doesn’t make me break out so it’s a real bugger.  This powder helps.  I apply a tiny bit with a big powder brush and build it up as needed.

I normally wear just a tinted moisturizer and no foundation, but probably due to genetics, I see I have developed a bit of rosacea.  My Mom has it and I’m as pale as she is so it’s even more noticeable.  My green primer and a bit of this foundation covers it, but it’s a light finish so I don’t even need to bother with blush, I just dot some bronzer on the spots of the face where the sun hits.  I don’t do contouring because it makes me look like I have a 5 o’clock shadow.  I’ve tried the Kim Kardashian technique, even that doesn’t work.



My color: classic ivory (light 3)

Revlon PhotoReady finisher powder: http://bit.ly/photoreadyseethru

You can find pics of both on my pinterest (follow and I’ll follow back!)



NEW Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review

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Ladies, let’s chat about blushes! Maybelline released their Dream Bouncy blushes about a year ago but I have just recently found and fallen in love with them. This line includes 10 wonderful shades that are bound to tickle your fancy.

At the moment, I only have two shades, #05 Fresh Pink and #15 Rose Petal, which are both pictured below. I picked these up at my local Walmart for $6.44.

So, What’s so great about these?

Blush Pair Final

When first opened they very much remind me of Dream Mousse Blushes. It almost feels like you are pressing down onto a bubble of light, fluffy mousse. I’m assuming that’s where they get the Bouncy from. Although easily dented when touched, not a lot of the product transfers to your finger.

The blush is cream based which makes it perfect to apply on top of your foundation without leaving a caked on look. Another…

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